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Core StylesSVG

Core Styles

Toroidal Cores C-Core Ferrite & Power Cores Laminated Cores All Commercially Available Core Styles


Encapsulation, Impregnation, Coatings

Epoxy Encapsulation
Silicone Encapsulation
Vacuum / Pressure Impregnation
Vanish Impregnation
Coatings for protection against moisture, environmental factors, chemicals and corrosive areas

Core MaterialSVG

Core Materials

All Modern Materials Including:
Nanocrystalline Metal Alloys
Amorphous Metal Alloys
Ferrites and Powder
Nickel Steel Alloys
Silicon Steel Alloys
Air core

Mounting optionsSVG

Mounting Options

Surface Mount
Through Hole

Magnet wireSVG

Magnet Wire

Full range of AWGs
round, rectangular, square wire
Litz Wire
Copper foil



Electrostatic shielding
EMI shielding


Wide range of rods which can be made from ferrite, iron powder, phenolic( free air ). Ferrite rods are available in standardized diameter and lengths. The diameters able to wind range from 1/8’’ to 2’’.

Electromagnet & Solenoid

Different windings configurations available.


Effective designs for wide ranging applications including using of self bonding wire and different windings techniques such as orthocyclic windings etc.

Custom Windings & Equivalent

Effective configurations for a wide range of windings to suit yours specific applications. Providing you with the
performance, workmanship and reliability that you need.


Different configurations and styles available depending on your application.