Whether your project is a New Product Design, a Build-to-Print, or a Design Modification, we will be happy to assist you with your technical requirements. We collaborate with you on each of your application-specific projects to identify your key parameters to accelerate product development and improve component performance and reliability. We produce a high quality product that performs to your expectations in as short a time as possible.

Product design and developmentSVG

Product Design & Development

Reverse EngineeringSVG

Reverse Engineering

Manufacturing and Custom WindingsSVG

Manufacturing & Custom Windings

Fabrication and Rapid PrototypingSVG

Fabrication & Rapid Prototyping

Product Design & Development

Start with component specifications and parameters relative to your equipment and application.

Begin the design phase to
optimize for best combination of
size – performance-quality

Specify the BOM and
manufacturing process steps for

 Develop & build pre-production
prototypes as determined

Test the prototypes and qualify
to specifications, review for
improvements/design modifications,
review of workmanship

Customer prototype examination and approval

Manufacture according to
product BOM, production job steps
and quality Plan

Compliance and Certification
if requested by customer

Reverse Engineering

With regards to production quantities, we are happy to take sample of something that is close to what you are envisioning and create a product with appropriate adjustments and improvements for you.

Manufacturing & Custom Windings


We have more than 78 years of expertise in manufacturing windings styles of all types.
Our Winding capabilities include: