Our collaborative approach in product development fosters innovation and enhances component performance and reliability with fast turnarounds. We partner with you ensuring efficient, high-quality solutions that meet your goals and exceed your expectations. Together, we achieve excellence in every project.

Our core strengths are:


Our product design expertise combines innovation and functionality, transforming ideas into exceptional products that captivate and perform. Explore our design capabilities today.


Unravel the mysteries of existing products with our reverse engineering expertise. We dissect, analyse, and recreate with precision and innovation. Explore our capabilities now.


From your blueprint to reality, our build-to-print prowess brings your designs to life with exacting precision and exceptional quality. Explore our capabilities today.


Revive your wound component with our expert repair services. We restore functionality and efficiency, saving you time and resources. Explore our repair capabilities today.

Wire Types/ Gauges

Proficient in handling various wire types, including Magnet, Litz, Polybond, etc., our expertise extends across a comprehensive gauge size spectrum, ranging from 5 AWG to 50 AWG.

Insulation Systems

Our products are meticulously engineered with advanced insulation systems, offering a temperature range from 80°C to 240°C, adhering to UL Class A through UL Class S standards.

Testing Systems

Our advanced automated testing capabilities encompass Dielectric Strength Testing up to 20KVDC along with high-frequency testing at 8MHz.

Manufacturing & Custom Windings

We have more than 78 years of expertise in manufacturing windings styles of all types. Our Winding capabilities include:

Bobbin Winding

Capable of accommodating wire sizes ranging from 1/8″ and above, with the versatility to work with various wire types and accommodate any desired number of turns.

Layer Winding

Capable of managing bobbin sizes starting from 5/8″ and above, with the flexibility to utilize a diverse range of interlayer materials.

Universal Winding

Capable of achieving a maximum diameter of up to 5 inches, with the added capability to perform both progressive progressive and progressive retrogressive windings.

Progressive Winding

Capable of accommodating lengths of up to 10 inches and versatile in utilizing various wire types, including Litz and Magnet, among others.

Self-Supporting Winding using Bondable Wire

Commencing with 18 AWG wires, our offerings include temperature classes extending up to 180°C.

Toroidal Winding

Ranging from a minimum of 4 AWG to 45 AWG, our products can feature a minimum inner diameter of 0.118″ and a minimum height of 0.1″.

Foil Winding

Achieving a maximum foil thickness of up to 0.020″, our solutions offer versatility through options such as layer insulation or cuffed copper foil.

Square and Rectangular Winding

Commencing with 8 AWG wires, our product line features a temperature class extending up to 200°C.

Air Core Helical Winding

The Inner Diameter range encompasses dimensions from 0.125″ to 2″, with the additional option of a non-linear pitch configuration.

Orthocyclic Winding

In-house CNC winding machines tailored to specific applications and production volumes.

Litz Wire Winding

Capable of utilizing up to 4,500 strands of 48 AWG wire, our offerings include options for served configurations and various insulation jackets to meet diverse requirements.

Custom Winding

Should you not find specific windings or have unique requirements, we welcome the opportunity to review and accommodate your custom design requests.

Parts Labelling / Cell Packaging

Elevate your products with our advanced parts labelling solutions. From etching to barcoding, our capabilities ensure accurate, attractive, and efficient labelling for all your needs. Part Serialization is also available for batch and lifecycle tracking. Cell product packaging is optimized to reduce waste and all relevant packaging standards are followed.

Ultrasonic Cleaning / Sand Blasting

Our ultrasonic cleaning and sandblasting capabilities redefine cleanliness and surface preparation. Ultrasonic cleaning uses high-frequency sound waves to achieve unmatched precision cleaning. Sand blasting can also be used as per customer’s requirements if needed. Trust us for thorough, reliable and efficient cleaning and surface preparation solutions.

Vacuum / Pressure Epoxy Encapsulation Process

Elevate your components protection with our vacuum and pressure epoxy encapsulation. Our cutting-edge capabilities ensure complete and reliable sealing against environmental factors. Trust us to safeguard your critical electronics with precision and expertise in encapsulation, ensuring longevity and performance in challenging conditions.

Protective Coatings and Impregnation

Providing moisture and environmental protection over selected temperature ranges using




widely used in high temperature environments

Fabrication and Rapid Prototyping

Unleash boundless creativity with our cutting-edge 3D printing capabilities. From prototypes to custom tooling and jigs, we offer precision, speed, and versatility to bring your designs to life. Explore endless possibilities today.

In-house machine shop for custom fabrication. Whether it be making new arbors, cutting dies, forming dies, moulding cavities or machining new test or inspection fixtures, we can quickly turnaround for fast production times.

Leading Designer and Manufacturer of Custom Transformers, Inductors,
Windings and related assemblies



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